Palestinian Health Capacity Project (2017)

    As Director of USAID West Bank and Gaza Mission, I helped roll out an electronic medical referral system that reduced costs by 30%.


    Cutting critical services is not the only path to balancing Alaska's budget.


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  • Community I Accountability I Commitment

    The road to a healthy and sustainable Mat-Su requires an approach focused on COMMUNITY over special interests, ACCOUNTABILITY to Alaskan tax payers, and a COMMITMENT to future generations.

  • Recovering and Rebuilding from the Coronavirus


    With double digit unemployment and COVID-19 still spreading in our state, it is clear that Mat-Su leadership and Washington, D.C., have failed Alaskan families. What little support our community received has been inaccessible to many due to regulations that unfairly burdened small and rural communities like ours. Alaska has the resources to hold our community together and ensure that families’ futures aren’t destroyed in the process. We just need leaders who will work for us instead of special interests and donors.








    • I believe it’s time to put politics aside, listen to experts and do what’s right for our families. I spent decades serving our country for both Democratic and Republican Presidents and I know we can get through this together.
    • Stand up for small businesses and provide support to help prevent businesses from closing and jobs being lost.
    • Expand health care coverage and protect our workforce so everyone can receive the care they need.
    • Provide additional housing assistance so no families lose their homes due to the Coronavirus.


    • Protecting Alaska’s Future


      Even before the Coronavirus economic downturn, Mat-Su delegates were putting our children’s futures at risk with massive cuts to the University of Alaska higher education system and financial neglect of our public schools.


      The economic impact of the Coronavirus will only intensify the budget woes of our educational system. Underfunded schools not only deprive our children of the education they deserve, but in the coronavirus era, crowded classrooms put us all at risk.


      I worked for decades developing youth and education programs around the world while in the foreign service. My top priority is ensuring that our children and grandchildren can receive an excellent education without leaving our state.

      • Ensure that our public schools have the resources they need to reopen safely.
      • Fully fund our public schools, raise teacher pay and reduce K-12 class sizes.
      • Hire the best teachers and let them do their jobs instead of teaching to the test.
      • Reverse the massive cuts to the University of Alaska while providing more vocational and technical training opportunities.




    • Fighting for Those Who Fought for Us


      The brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our country deserve our respect, admiration and gratitude. Alaska is home to more veterans per capita than any other state in the country and there’s more we could be doing to ensure a good life for our heroes when they return home.


      The effects of post traumatic stress and family separation are very real and we aren’t doing enough. With veteran suicides on the rise, I will advocate for improvements to mental health treatment and healthcare access for those who sacrificed so much for our country.


      • Ensure that every veteran has access to the mental health and health care they need.
      • Give veterans first crack at state jobs so they can build a career when they come home.
      • Waive fishing and hunting license fees for all veterans and active-duty service members.