• Steve and Monica

    Susitna River

    Walking with a Constituent

    Susitna River

    Coffee with Alex

    Alaska Democratic Party - Coordinated Campaign

    Downtown Talkeetna

    Team Monica Mascot


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    Talkeetna Women's March

    Steve - proud of the new signs!

    Wasilla - District 10

    Breakfast with Vern Halter

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    Meeting Young Constituents!

    Important to them: sports, art, teachers, friends, college, when mommy gives me kisses




    Steve and I settled in Talkeetna six years ago to run Black Beer Kennel after I retired from 30 years with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). As a Geologist, Steve shares my enthusiasm for travel, culture, and everything outdoors. He has stepped up in his campaign endeavors - filling the important roles of Treasurer and Natural Resource Advisor. Public service continues to be a hallmark of our lives together.


    Serving our country has brought us to many places, but Alaska is hardly a novelty. My mother attended school with Walter Hickel and my cousin, Gary Stein, is a state historian. Our family has always relished the rich culture of Alaska.

    We are proud parents of three adult children and eight dogs! After having traveled the world, we chose District 10 as our forever home.


    Hans (26) is earning his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Virginia.


    Hunter (24) graduated from James Madison and works in healthcare software sales.


    Tatiana (21) is currently a senior at the University of California Santa Barbara.

    Tatiana & Condoleezza Rice (2006)

    Our draw to retirement in Alaska was born of my work with Ted Stevens as Deputy Director of USAID Russia from 2000-2004. Together, we jump started economic development in Russia Far East.


    I have a proven record of working effectively across the aisle. My experience with complex budgets as a CPA, Controller and Mission Director will benefit all residents of the Mat-Su.


    My USAID bio can be viewed here.

    My father served in the U.S. Army for 35 years to include Vietnam and Korea in World War II. Through the traumatic aftermath, he did not waiver in spirit and kindness. My parents' dedication inspired my own career path in the Foreign Service and shaped my passion for improving the lives of veterans. This will be a priority of mine in the Alaska Legislature.

    Talkeetna Women's March

    Our family is forever grateful to the people of Talkeetna for such a warm welcome. I am ready to take on the challenges of Alaska's revenue shortfalls while supporting public education, veteran services, economic development, youth programs, labor rights, and much more. We have been too long without adequate representation and I look forward to embarking on another chapter of service... representing District 10. Representing you!